What most of us know about weight loss if totally wrong. We are often taught that we need daily doses of pain and suffering and eat like a monk in order to achieve your fitness/weight loss goals. This is simply and flat out inaccurate, as is the majority of the nutritional information that is shoved in our face. In fact, in our experience, this consistently leads to a lack of results or quick results that are in no way sustainable, and often lead to an onset of various injuries and health concerns.

In Capstone Wellness, we will be emphasizing WEIGHT LOSS from perspective of healing your gut, reducing stress, implementing better nutritional practices, and employing scientifically based exercise progressions that put you and keep you in your FAT BURNING ZONE while maintaining proper and healthy hormone levels.

Expect more gentle, longer duration exercise sessions along with ample coaching on a variety of health improvement strategies ranging from diet, to sleep, to stress management, as these are all incredibly important to achieving long term success and optimize weight loss while improving health.