Beginning August 1  the Whitmores and the rest of the staff are excited to announce the addition of Capstone Performance within our current walls!

Check out or mission statement and additional programs and be on the lookout for our new logo and schedule changes!!!

Rise To the TOP

Our CAPSTONE mission statement:


At Capstone Conditioning and Performance, we are committed to providing to our clients the most superior, effective training methods for achieving maximal human potential in each of their chosen fields. Our purpose and drive is to allow all that pass through our doors the opportunity to become the absolute best version of themselves, which will be accomplished by our staff via teaching and implementing the world’s most effective, proven, and evidenced based strength and conditioning principles in combination with real world competition experience to achieve peak carry over to life and sport. If it doesn’t produce results, we do not use it, and our team is deeply dedicated to earning successful outcomes in the world of fitness and performance. Whether you are searching for optimal weight loss, to climbing mountains, obstacle course racing, or just a more capable and functional version of yourself, together we will achieve your goal. Rise to the top. Become the Capstone.